Thursday, June 19, 2014

Odell Tasting at Kelly's Brewpub

Just a quick note to let you know that there is a free Odell IPA tasting going on tonight at 8 at Kelly's Brewpub- the only local brewery that invites you to come in and drink other breweries' beers! (To be fair, Stumbling Steer does this as well). The free tasting consists solely of Odell IPA, and rep Ryan Bogart is once again back in town to meet with you and answer all your Odell questions.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I Choo-Choo-Choose You for the Yards Premier

Come out for a beer event in a location that has been used lately as a place where tattooed couples push their kids around in strollers while buying local, organic, kitschy, etc. type goods while I am still in bed. The Albuquerque Railyards will be hosting the NM Brewers Guild's latest beer event, The Yards Premier. For $15, you get access to beers from Second Street, Kaktus, Abbey, Tractor, Sierra Blanca, Nexus, La Cumbre, Back Alley Drafthouse, Chama River, Blue Corn, Taos Mesa, Turtle Mountain, Rio Grande, Cazuelas, Marble, Santa Fe, Kelly's, Stumbling Steer, Bosque and BJ's Brewhouse out of California.
Now listen: this is not constructed like a normal "You pay an entry fee, you get unlimited/ X amount of samples" fest. What you get here for your $15 is: entry to the fest. A commemorative glass, filled with one free beer. Live music by Anthony Leon and the Chain and Man No Sober. Food trucks will be on hand- Supper Truck, Irrational Pie, Sebastiano's and Joe S. Sausage, but of course you don't get free food. Joe Sausage is pretty generous, though, and if you give him a sip of beer, he may throw you a sausage. After your first free beer, your wristband will allow you to purchase three pints after that. So you see, this is NOT a sampling event. And that's ok, but you all need to know that when deciding whether to purchase a ticket. It's fine to ask to try something before you buy, but it's not the type of event where you get a 3 oz. pour of the Brown Ale and get back in line for Hefeweizen sample. This event is designed for you to buy a few beers and relax with your friends in a spookily fun setting. The lines should be noticeably shorter than those at sampling fests, so you'll have time to walk around and take your Instagram photos of the Railyards and whatnot. The event runs from 4-10. Get your tickets here.