Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Price is Walgreens?

I am not the biggest fan of Walgreens in general. Seeing all these new Walgreens buildings popping up on every corner sucks a little of the life out of me and walking in one sucks out the rest.
Are they related to Wal Mart in any respect? They both start with Wal and the employees wear blue vests at both stores. Not to mention the fact that they seem to hire people based solely on their lack of personalities. Something to think about.
I have had less than stellar experiences in the Walgreens liquor department. The worst would be the times I have gone into a Walgreens and they didn't even sell alcohol. The next would have to be the horrendous lines at the Central and Girard location. Every damn time I would walk into that place there would be a line all the way the to back of the place filled with a bunch of sad sacks. The beer selection didn't look much better.
But I have to give recognition to the San Antonio and Wyoming location. Not only do they carry beers from Stone, Odell's and Avery, they also have some of the best prices in town. The Arrogant Bastard and Stone IPA are selling there for $2.99, which is a full dollar cheaper than any other store in town! Also, one of my "Special Agents" was in recently and said that they had Stone IPA in six-packs for $7.99, which is $2.00 cheaper than the Kelly's on Wyoming. That might even make it worth dealing with the blue-vested zombies.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Casks for Breakfast

Anyone going to the Cask Conditioned beer event at Marble? It is being held on Sunday, June 1st. I gotta admit, I'm not the world's biggest cask beer fan. I like it ok, and I can appreciate the flavors that you get out of a cask beer that you may not detect otherwise, but I may not go on Sunday. One reason is that it will probably be a warm day and drinking room temperature beer around a bunch of sweaty dudes lacks appeal for me. the other reason is the time. The event is going on during the afternoon and I am not much of a daytime drinker. I prefer to drink later in the evening, where I can drink until bedtime and drift off into an alcohol-induced sleep.

Well dude you're not respecting beer you shouldn't drink beer to get drunk you should drink it to savor the taste of the beer and gain an understanding of what the brewer is trying to portray
Ok, sure. I don't see anyone putting on a "Fanta Fest". The taste of the beer should be and probably is the main attraction for people going to a cask event, but alcohol fuels the fire.

Its like Tracy Morgan says so eloquently while playing "Uncle Jemimah" and hawking "Uncle Jemimah's Pure Mash Liquor"on Saturday Night Live, " Let me axe you a question. D'ya like drinkin'?...Hell, ya like drinkin'! Who the hell don't?"

Monday, May 19, 2008

Road to Ruin

I see that Anodyne has Ruination on tap. Ruination is a rare sight on tap in this town but is always welcome. I imagine the price of the keg is what scares most of the bar owners away from it. I'm more scared of the people who go to the bars.
Just wanted to pass along that exciting information, though from the looks of my hit counter I'd be better off opening my window and yelling it to everyone.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tapping the Keg

So, finally, the urge to actually write something down has outweighed the laziness to do so.
Welcome to the first "draft" of the Albuquerque Beer Scene!
The beer scene of this town mirrors the town itself: lots of good, lots of bad. For every Anodyne there is a Maloney's; for every Chow's an Evergreen Buffet.
Having more free time than the average person has helped me visit most beer related places in the town and you are invited to view my opinions on them, but remember-
if you think Guinness is "too strong" you may not like what you read.
If Stella Artois is your favorite beer then you may have popped that collar one too many times for my liking.
Those beers are fine, but you can find fan pages of that shit all over.