Saturday, May 17, 2008

Tapping the Keg

So, finally, the urge to actually write something down has outweighed the laziness to do so.
Welcome to the first "draft" of the Albuquerque Beer Scene!
The beer scene of this town mirrors the town itself: lots of good, lots of bad. For every Anodyne there is a Maloney's; for every Chow's an Evergreen Buffet.
Having more free time than the average person has helped me visit most beer related places in the town and you are invited to view my opinions on them, but remember-
if you think Guinness is "too strong" you may not like what you read.
If Stella Artois is your favorite beer then you may have popped that collar one too many times for my liking.
Those beers are fine, but you can find fan pages of that shit all over.

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