Wednesday, July 9, 2008

New Mexico IPA Challenge Coming Up

Just a reminder to all you IPA lovers: the NM IPA Challenge will be held at Marble Brewery on July 19 from 3-8 pm. Cost is 20 bucks and includes tasters from all the participating breweries. You also get a commemorative glass filled with your choice of IPA from the challenge. If you ask nicely, maybe they will give you a mix of all the beers. I doubt it, though.
Last year Turtle Mountain won on their home turf. Can Marble do the same?
Be prepared for lots of crowds, as this falls on a Saturday. Previous challenges were on weekdays and were very crowded, so I can only imagine what this will be like.
I will be there but am going to see Andrew Dice Clay that night so I can't drink too much- and that's ok. Last year I kind of did myself in after accepting a second tray from a friend who was there more for the experience than the IPAs.

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Unknown said...

Yo man I am going to get there 30 min early on my bike. Lauren is not going due to Soccer but will be showing up later maybe to take my drunk ass home. I am looking forward to this IPA challenge very much, even though 20 buck after 15 bucks last year is getting to be crazy. But, eehhh, Hops are on the rise in price so I have no bitterness towards it. But if it is 25 next year I am going to agree and boycott with Dre'.