Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My Growler Has That Empty Feeling, Thanks to Turtle Mountain

Let me begin by saying that if you own a business, you have every right to conduct your business the way you choose. You want to be rude, surly, obnoxious to customers, fine. It's your business. You want to only be open from 3 am to 4:30 am? Once again, it's your business. You want to serve beers that aren't available for growler takeout?

Whoa, that's crazy talk! There has to be a law against that, right?

Unfortunately, that is Turtle Mountain's policy for some of their higher gravity beers. I rarely write about the place, mainly because I don't get to the Westside too often because of the distance and traffic. However, I would have been willing to travel for a growler of the Haywood GFY, a beer touted on their website to have 150 IBUs and 2.5 pounds of hops per barrel. But in keeping with their stupid policy, Turtle Mountain will not fill growlers with this beer. I, in turn, will not drink at their establishment due to the fact that I have to drive back to the other side of town, and we all know that police patrol the area around Turtle Mountain in particular and Albuquerque in general with a passion. I have no personal problem with the Turtle Mountain folks. They have always been friendly enough, but in this case they have implemented a poor business practice at the expense of the Albuquerque beer community. Their argument may be that they only make so much of this beer, and they want as many people as possible to try it. I'm glad they are so concerned about us! They are willing to let me drink two pints of high gravity beer and drive with a BAC above the legal limit, but won't let me take a growler of it to enjoy in the safety of my own home? Thanks, Turtle Mountain!


p said...

Screw Real-Raunch-Hole. everything about it sucks.

Unknown said...

NM has such backwards and idiotic alcohol laws. It seems like every time they come up with a new one thats intended to decrease drunk driving it actually has the opposite effect, and it would have been obvious that it would do so if the lawmakers had actually bothered reading the law before passing it.

Remarques said...

Turtle mountain is seriously overrated anyway - that place is always completely packed, but their beer and their food is pretty average.

Unknown said...

Yea thanks Turtle Mountain, Lame ass rules make for a lame ass place to visit. I just hope the IPA Challenge isn't there this year.