Sunday, November 1, 2009

O'Niell's > The Louvre

You ever get dragged to one of those pretentious art shows, the kind where Santa Fe types sip their precious wine and critique the paint splotches hanging on the walls? I haven't, because I hang out with the right people, but there are plenty of movie scenes depicting fancy artsy gatherings and I know it's not my thing. But O'Niell's is hosting an art show that is more to my liking. The show, on Monday, Nov. 2 from 6-8 pm, features the Deschutes Jubelale label artwork from over the years. No live human torture, no blood thrown on paintings of Jesus. Just beer labels, 22 in total, each one designed by a different Oregon artist. O'Niell's will also have four Deschutes beers featured on tap: Nitro Obsidian Stout, Green Lakes Organic Ale, Mirror Pond Pale Ale, and Black Butte Porter. No Jubelale, interestingly enough. Maybe that's Deschutes' attempt at artistic irony. Come make your own interpretations and enjoy the Deschutes taps with us!


whochacha said...

i dont know if i can go to this now. if there's no blood or urine soaked jesus' at an art show i tend to get cranky.

ABQbeergeek said...

Well, I'll pee on you if it makes you feel better.