Thursday, July 19, 2012

I'm Not Endorsing This...

Just letting you know it is going on, that's all. Tonight, from 6-8 pm, Hotel Andaluz is hosting a "tap takeover" of...the Shock Top family of beers. $8 gets you a flight of Belgian White (a.k.a. I was made to compete with Blue Moon), Raspberry Wheat (for those who find Zima to be a little too flavorful), Wheat IPA (I do not think this "IPA" stands for what you think it stands for), and Lemon Shandy. Don't even need to say anything else.
I'm giving the beers a hard time but they have their place, and Hotel Andaluz seems like the perfect place. Plus that $8 gets you a pint of the Shock Top you like best. Maybe you need to give your taste buds a re-calibration before the IPA Challenge this Sunday at Nexus. Maybe it's just so damn hot that a Shock Top Belgian White sounds good right about now?

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