Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Move Over, Russell Stover

What do your Valentine's Day plans look like this year? Will you be making googly eyes at your special someone across the fondue at The Melting Pot? Or will you be eating fish n'chips alone at the mall food court, making googly eyes at the Hot Dog on a Stick girls? While I also think the latter option sounds like more fun, I will probably be taking part in a third option: drinking the new Russian Imperial Stouts from Widmer Brothers Reserve series. First we have the Raspberry Russian Imperial Stout, made with the addition of red raspberries in the fermentation process. It's like drinking one of those fruit-filled chocolates, but without having to consult the diagram of which chocolate is which. Plus it makes you drunk, at 9.3% ABV. And then there is the also 9.3% ABV Chocolate Russian Imperial Stout, made with cocoa nibs all the way from Ecuador. Normally, one would have to travel to a Cost Plus World Market to find such delicacies.
These beers are like a meal in a bottle, so you don't have to take the significant other out for a fancy dinner- hand them a bottle and let the fun begin. If they protest, run by the mall and grab some Bourbon Chicken samples. I'll be there with my fish n' chips.

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