Friday, July 26, 2013

What Happens in Vegas Gets Sent to Albuquerque

Don't worry, you guys who overdid it at your bachelor parties in Nevada.I'm talking about scenic Las Vegas, New Mexico. You know, the place where you stop for gas on the way back from Denver. It's also home to the New Mexico Craft Brewing Company, whose beers you may have tried at one of the local festivals. You have another opportunity to try them on Wednesday, July 31 at Charlie's Sandbox (3901 Masthead NE) right here in Albuquerque. I had never heard of Charlie's, but apparently it's a big spot for the sand volleyball crowd. I can't promise you'll run into Misty Mays or Karch Kiraly there, but you will get to try a couple of interesting beers. From the New Mexico Craft Brewing guy himself:
Be it known, ye shluckers of ale: New Mexico Craft Brewing Co. is officially releasing two specialty ales in nano quantities on Wednesday at 8pm at the Sandbar in Charlie's Sandbox ( On tap will be 1/6bbl of Josh's Strong Ale: a burly ol' bitch that defies category. Bold, rounded, with an oaky aura (OG: 1.074, IBU: 100, ABV: 8.5%, steamed). And 1/6bbl of Extra(extra) IPA. A unique, robust, and euphoric hop experience created through continuous hopping and alchemic combinations of strains (OG: 1.086, IBU: 135, ABV: 8.9%). And these ales, like all our ales, don't use sugar or any crap like that to achieve their power. It wasn't easy to let these go, so please enjoy them...

Boom Yonan the Beerbarian

And there you have it, folks. Something to do next week, but guys, please: keep the Speedos at home.

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