Saturday, August 17, 2013

The 2013 IPA Challenge Results

It was beginning to look like the 1970's/80's Russian National Teams vs. the rest of the world (or perhaps as bad as Ivan Drago vs. Apollo Creed) in recent IPA Challenges. Il Vicino had dominated the event since 2009, leaving many to wonder if another brewery could ever topple Brady McKeown and crew. However, after the first three legs of the Challenge, Blue Corn had established a commanding lead. Would the discerning palates in Albuquerque agree?

To quote Al Michaels, "Do you believe in miracles??? YES!!!!!!" Blue Corn's John Bullard utilized a healthy dose of Citra and Simcoe hops to make an IPA that put it above all the rest, and, perhaps more importantly, as one brewer put it, "I don't even care if I win, just as long as someone finally beats fucking Il Vicino!" And the underdog Blue Corn did it, besting possible favorites Il Vicino, Marble, La Cumbre (which had a strong showing in Albuquerque but may have been held back by voters in areas unaccustomed to such a strong Nelson hop-forward beer), and Chama River. Congratulations to Blue Corn, and thanks to the Brewers Guild and all the hard-working people behind the scenes who helped make the 2013 IPA Challenge a success!

The final results, with the actual beers' corresponding number from today's challenge in parentheses:

1. Blue Corn-`164 votes (12)

2. La Cumbre- 45 votes (9)

3. Il Vicino 43 votes (2)

4. Turtle Mountain- 35 votes (1)

5. Chama River 29 votes (6)

6. Marble 29 votes (5)

7. Santa Fe 28 votes (4)

8. 2nd Street 24 votes (3)

9. Tractor 23 votes (14)

10. 3 Rivers- 21 votes (11)

11.Broken Bottle- 18 votes (7)

12. Bosque Brewing- 17 votes (10)

13. High Desert- 17 votes (13)

14. Taos Mesa- 10 votes (8)

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