Sunday, May 28, 2017

Beer Week: Sunday, May 28

The BIG Beer Week takes place at Sandia Casino today: ABQ Blues and Brews. The fest has been a favorite of local beer fans for 7 years now and is largely responsible for getting people turned on to the craft beer scene. Over 70 breweries and 4 hours of tasting makes for a busy day. Get some food in you first!

It's an Oregon invasion as Deschutes takes over the taps at Gecko's in Nob Hill. Is Deschutes on AB-InBev's radar for buyout? What's your guess for the next craft brewery to get bought out?

Pints, Planks, and Pups is going on till 6 at Rio Bravo. Come adopt an animal in need of a friend. $1 from each pint sold will go to Animal Humane.

Defying Gravity Car Club wants to show off their rides without turning Central Ave. into a standstill. Instead, they'll be in the parking lot of Ponderosa Brewing from 1-4. Ponderosa is also doing that tapa/beer pairing all day/all week.

It's always nice to see breweries get together to make a beer. Dialogue and Quarter Celtic did just that, and the result is Common Irish Conversation. I suppose a common Irish conversation topic is alcohol. Actually, I know it is.

Head over to Imbibe for a pairing of KBS and your choice of cigar. Buy a KBS or PC Pils and get $1 off your cigar purchase. I can see KBS and a cigar together, but a cigar and a Pilsner- not so much. There's my expert recommendation for you.

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