Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Imaginary Savings Account

I can't help myself. I guess I'm addicted to beer, if that is even a thing. You see, if a new beer hits local shelves, I find myself buying it no matter what. Take Bell's Two Hearted, for instance. I bought a six-pack knowing full well that I don't really care for it, I've been to the damn Bell's Eccentric Cafe and didn't even think to order it, even though I could have it straight from the source.
So I wasn't about to let a $13.99 four-pack of 12 oz. cans keep me from buying it when I saw it at Jubilation this weekend. That's right: a 7.3% ABV IPA selling for $13.99. What is this, a Green Flash beer?? They're flying off the shelves here, huh? No, it is from the hotbed of IPAs, Oklahoma, where Prairie Artisan Ales has taken a break from barrel-aged stouts and farmhouse ales to bring you Imaginary Friends, their first canned IPA. Is it worth $14? I don't know, are you rich? If so, buy some. Once is all I can (barely) afford.

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