Sunday, July 22, 2018

NM IPA Challenge Round 2: A Return to Normalcy

There. That's more like it. In the second round of the 2018 NM IPA Challenge, Red River, the darlings of round 1, placed in the bottom 25% in round 2, held at Second Street in Santa Fe. The city different didn't buck convention when it comes to choosing their favorite, as Marble gathered the most votes (25). Blue Corn was right behind with 24, and after that strong showing in the first round is now leading the competition with 38 total votes. Red River only got 8 votes this time around, but their dominance in the first round keeps them secure in the second spot with 31. Boxing Bear is right behind with 29, Marble with 28, and La Cumbre rounds out the top five with 25 total votes. The final round is going to draw the biggest IPA Challenge crowd ever, with perhaps the entire town of Red River making the drive to Bernalillo. In an unrelated note, i saw people from a local business buying beers at a brewery for customers if the customers voted for the business in a "Best of the City" competition. My opinion is if you have to ask for votes, or even worse have to pay for them, then you most likely don't deserve to win. Anyway, Bosque's new location is going to draw a huge crowd, and this final is really going to come down to the last votes. Get out there and vote what your taste buds tell you is best!

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