Sunday, July 16, 2023

Drinkin' in the Moonslight

Flock Of Moons opened quietly on Friday, July 14, and though the craft beer world is in a slump overall, Albuquerque craft beer fans flocked to the new brewery. People are already giving it rave reviews on Google, save for the person who won't be coming back because "one of your guests was harassing me." That's a tough thing to hold against an establishment. Guests are a lot like family: you can't just pick 'em, and they're not always welcome guests. Here's hoping she'll give Flock Of Moons another chance. After all, the brewery opened in the former Winnings Coffee space that was notorious for having the most annoying crowd. I had to leave Winnings more than once because someone struck up a one-sided conversation with me. No, I'm not looking for life advice from someone who sits at a table outside this coffee shop every single day, all day. And who carries a sword.
And everything at Flock Of Moons is nice, which should be enough for warranting a second visit. I don't expect much when visiting a new brewery for the first time, but this place had nice touches abound, from the obviously thoughtful logo'd glassware to the snack choices available for purchase (from locally made Cornivore popcorn to mini bags of Snyder's Honey Mustard and Onion pretzels... haven't seen those at a beer bar since Cologne, Germany). There is seating at the bar for about ten, and hightop and table seating throughout the space, as well as six picnic tables on the sizeable patio. Your non-beer drinking friends can even get mixed drink suggestions from 505 Spirits patrons who are just a fence across from 505's patio, and then sneak over there for a quickie while you enjoy your beer.
And will you enjoy your beer? I'd say yes, as all were very nice, especially for a first batch. Lagers are an ambitious endeavor to showcase in the grand opening of a brewery, yet two of the three Flock Of Moons offerings were lagers: a (New) Mexican and a Vienna, along with a hazy IPA. They also currently feature six other NM brewed beers and a Sandia cider on tap. I found their NM lager to be very drinkable, with a bit of welcome hop bite I'd associate more with a German Pilsner. The Vienna had a nutty richness to it, and the hazy, while lacking the opaqueness I prefer for the style, shined from the dominance of the Mosaic hops. Tropical Stout is soon to debut, and a west coast IPA and Czech Lager are in the works. Flock of Moons is a welcome addition to the Albuquerque Beer Scene. I look forward to their upcoming beers.

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