Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fat Squirrel Pub Opens

Rio Rancho drinkers have a second option if they dare chance the police state that is Rio Rancho: Fat Squirrel Pub and Grille.

The pub is located in the old Turtle Mountain Brewing location on Southern Blvd., which is kind of a shame for Rancho residents since it is right down the street from Turtle's current spot, meaning they have to drive just as far to get to the only other bar around that has good beer.

The pub, predictably, has a pub style menu with the usual suspects present (think fish and chips and the like).

Decor is a far cut above the fraternity house basement feel that Turtle Mountain possessed in its day, though we all know if the beer list is good enough we would drink in a closet. I have never actually done this, though I do admit to waking up in a closet after sleepwalking following a particularly unsober night.

The beer list is well planned with a nice variety of styles represented by world breweries. There are 20 taps, with notables being Stone IPA, Fat Squirrel Pale Ale (brewed by Turtle Mountain), Red Rye and Steam by Turtle Mtn., and Spaten Oktoberfest. They also have a large bottled list that includes Saint Brigid's Porter by Great Divide. Great Divide is not well represented at bars in the area. I saw more at bars on the East Coast this Summer. The one complaint I have is that the beer menu is heavy on the Anheuser Busch mediocre beers: Shock Top, Landshark, Budweiser American Amber, Kona Fire Rock, Longhammer IPA.

The Fat Squirrel should be a welcome addition to the Rio Rancho beer community. If only someone would open a good beer bar farther north towards 550, Rio Rancho residents would not have to risk their livelihood driving so far because they want to have a quality beer or two.

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Erick said...

Fat Squirrel was good, but not great.