Friday, September 19, 2008


September 20, 2008 is the date that Oktoberfest starts this year in Munich, Germany. But that doesn't really concern us here in Albuquerque, because we will be celebrating Septemberfest at Marble Brewery, which is closer than Munich so your chances of getting a DWI on the way home are less.

The event will begin at 12 pm and go on till 8, though I bet many people will be staying on long after. Twelve New Mexico breweries will be attending:

Abbey Brewing Co., Blue Corn Brewery, Chama River Brewing Co.
Il Vicino Brewery, Isotopes Brewing Co., Marble Brewery
Rio Grande Brewing Co. Santa Fe Brewing Co., Second Street Brewery
Sierra Blanca Brewing Co., Three Rivers Brewery, and Turtle Mountain Brewing

Hmmm, no High Desert. No Wellhead either, and they also sat out this year's IPA Challenge. And Silver City Brewing is like me in that it never leaves home to do anything.

I don't have the lowdown on the styles offered, but I would guess some Oktoberfest style beers will be served.

I do know that sloppy hippies will be twirling in the street because A. the side street will be blocked off, B. there will be two bands performing, and C. that's what hippies do. Get them in a public setting and eventually the dancing starts. Under the Bus and Three String Bale will each perform 3.5 hour sets, while Prudy Dimas will have a half-hour on the stage. I don't know if that time limit was set by the organizers after hearing Prudy's demo tape, but let's hope not.

The Chama River kitchen crew will be on hand grilling brats and burgers.

Twenty dollars gets you a five oz. tasting glass with Marble logo that can be filled five times. Marble also says that the twenty dollars gets you 12 "free" one oz. tastings. So if they are free, does that mean you don't have to pay the fee and can still get the one oz. tastings?

This fest sounds like Marble is raising the bar high above any previous beer event in Albuquerque, so shake off that hangover from Sierra's Hopfest and head over to Marble to support New Mexico beer!

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