Friday, January 23, 2009

Firkin Friday!

What the firk! There is an event going on TONIGHT at O'Niell's Pub and I don't write about it until the day of? Admittedly, I am still in my postseason football funk (firk you again, you low life Cardinals fans), but I'd like to give notice beer happenings in Albuquerque a few days in advance, at least. Blame O'Niell's for not letting me know about it, and the people of Arizona for unleashing in me a desire to murder.

Anyways, O'Niell's is starting "Firkin Friday", where a cask-conditioned ale will be featured every Friday starting at 9 pm. The first beer featured is a Brown Ale from Chama River Brewery. I was told that $4.00 per pint will be the price, but don't hold me to that, as there seemed to be some confusion from the three "I don't knows" heard in the background after the bartender inquired for me.

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