Sunday, January 4, 2009

More Philly, More Beer

Pennsylvania has an incredible beer selection, but the alcohol laws are antiquated. In Albuquerque, you can walk into any 7-11 (though I wouldn't recommend it) and buy beer, wine, or liquor. Pennsylvania wine and liquor sales are only through state-run dtores, with a limited selection and a staff that is there just to collect a paycheck. Good luck getting advice when choosing between a cabernet and a zinfandel. Beer sales are kind of confusing. Six-packs are available for take out at bars, but with a high markup- how's $11.99 for Miller Lite sound? How's Miller Lite sound for free, for that matter? Otherwise, beer is available only in cases at "beer distributors" which are dingy warehouse-like buildings that house mostly macro lagers. The Beer Yard in Wayne, however, is a true beer destination for craft beer lovers, especially if you have the money to buy whole cases at a time. Not only do we not have the money, we are flying, and suitcases don't quite have the shape to hold beer in cases. Even though the guys at the Beer Yard knew we were just looking, they gladly shared a bottle of Stoudt's Winter Ale that they were sampling. Great people and great beer in a town located on the "Main Line" area of suburban Philadelphia, where even the car wash places are upscale.

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