Sunday, April 19, 2009

Hot Weather Beers for Cold Weather Nights

It must be Spring in Albuquerque, as the Summer beers have arrived. Sam Adams Summer Styles 12-packs are on the shelves, as well as Sierra Nevada Summerfest 6-packs. The Sam Adams mixed box includes the staples: Boston Lager, Light, and Summer Ale. New to the series is the Blackberry Witbeer, which made its debut awhile back and must have sold well to be added to the series. The two other styles included, Hefeweizen and Pale Ale, are not available in 6-packs here so you must buy the Summer 12-pack to get these beers. Kelly's has a $11.99 special going on all Sam Adams 12-packs so if the weather ever gets warm, the Summer series would be a nice mix for a barbecue beer cooler. Actually, by the time the weather gets warm, Sam Adams will probably have released their Winter Series, full of Double Bock and Imperial Stout goodness, perfect for chugging while listening to baseball on the radio on a hot, sticky Summer night.


MrsMcGilicutty said...

Did Sam Adams change their recipe on their winter lager last year? I remember having some at a friends house and then being brutally disappointed when I bought some for my own place. What's the deal with the inconsistencies in the Winter Lager?

BTW, have fun this weekend in Chicago. I am so jealous.

ABQbeergeek said...

You know, the company is so big that a plus for them is that they have great facilities and strict controls in the brewing process, but they also brew in more than one facility. They have a brewery in Cincinnati, one in Latrobe, PA (the old Rolling Rock brewery), and also in MA. I don't know if this is the reason for the difference in taste but I can tell you that I used to love this beer but find it kind of watery these days. I attributed it to drinking a lot of bigger beers since the days when I thought this beer was about as big as they get, though maybe the place of origin makes the difference.

I'm pretty excited for Chicago, though don't forget: We have to stay in Munster, Indiana the first two nights. Applebee's considers itself too classy for this town. Still jealous?

Jason said...

I love the Sammy Summer Pack, but the Cherry Wheat is disgusting. I haven't found a soul who actively drinks that stuff - only if they are so gone that they want another beer and the Cherry Wheat is all that is left.

I think the Summer Ale is probably my favorite of the bunch.