Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm Seeing Red!

And I'm probably going to get sued by the remnants of Minor Threat because of it, but I needed the title for the story. Marble has released the third in their bottled beer line, Marble Red. The Red was originally part of the rotating taps at Marble, but has proved to be so popular that it is now in bottles and has been added to the permanent line of taps at the brewpub. $7.99 gets you 6.

Here's another first-timer in a bottle. I missed out on Chama River's Anastasia when it was on tap because I was out of town. Now this wine barrel(cabernet and sangiovese)-aged Russian Imperial Stout (seeing red again-get it?) is available for a very limited time in bottles, of which only 586 were made. Better get yours quick. The label tells how the beer is named for the daughter of Czar Nicholas 2. See, you can drink and learn a history lesson at the same time. Actually, I think there have been plenty of lessons I should have learned after a night of drinking, but I never paid attention. This beer is the real deal- you can tell because its got the wax-covered cap and everything. It's also a big beer, as you'd expect from a Russian Imperial Stout, at 10.4%. Anastasia comes in a 25 oz. bottle and goes for a reasonable $11.99.


Anonymous said...

That 6 pack of Marble Red you so kindly picked up for us, is gone already. I got one.

ABQbeergeek said...

So Dave actually drank more when he got home? Now that's impressive!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I take back my original comments. There were two beers in the fridge and I didn't see them. I guess that means he had one beer when he got home. Still pretty impressive!