Friday, May 1, 2009

Chicago Part 1

So its been awhile since I've written an update, huh? You'll have to forgive me, but things were kind of foggy after that Dark Lord Day.

We checked out on weak legs from the Munster Hampton and headed north to Chicago. We decided to take back roads to get there rather than the interstate, and the drive took us over an hour as opposed to the 25 minutes it could have taken. That was fine, as I prefer to see the character of small towns as opposed to the concrete of a freeway. As we got more into South Chicago, however, the "character" turned into characters who were hanging outside check cashing places while drinking 40s.

We eventually made it into Chicago and hit up Binny's Beverage in the South Loop. Binny's is one of the big liquor store chains in the city, and this one didn't disappoint. There were three long aisles dedicated to American micros, plus another two for imports and one for Belgians. We picked up a bottle of Dreadnuaght that we could have just gotten at the Three Floyds brewery, but there wouldn't have been a price difference. Weird how you don't really save money by buying bottles straight from the breweries.

There was a unique aspect to Binny's: they had a full-service bar on premise. With 16beers on tap! And there were no crappy beers either; any one of these just by itself would have a "whoa" factor, but putting them all together was really special. And once again, in a liquor store!

So when we did the Priceline thing and were put into the Hotel Indigo, just north of the Magnificent Mile, we thought it looked kind of...quaint. And when we got there, we saw that it was indeed quaint, with a capital Q. It seems to be a very popular place for men who enjoy the company of other men. Which is fine, but I felt like I was intruding or something. I wanted to apologize to the gays checking in, say "Sorry! Priceline put us here!" The hotel had a nice atmosphere, and a clean, though kind of small room.

You know what, I've been so busy that I am just going to cut this short and give you what I have for the first part of the first day in Chicago. Enjoy the lameness.

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