Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Is There Audacity in Audacious or Awesomeness?

It's here, and just in time for Summer drinking! Pyramid's Audacious Apricot Ale is on the shelves at your local retailer. But before you set down your regular Pyramid Apricot ale and pick up your car keys, be aware that this is just new packaging for the same old product. Whether this is because of slow sales or new ownership I can't say, but that is what's happening with this beer. They also have renamed their hefeweizen "Haywire".

You have to give them credit though, as the company has included labels (at least at Albertson's) which state that fact. And the new ownership could only be a good thing, since Magic Hat out of Vermont bought the Pyramid Brewery last year. Magic Hat's most popular beer has been #9 ale, which is an apricot flavored ale. Have they changed the recipe to get the Pyramid labeled apricot beer the same success? Again I can't say, since I didn't want to pay the $8.99 that Albertson's was charging. Plus I still have some Magic #9 sitting around from a year or two ago, though fruit beers that old should probably be consumed only if I come down with scurvy. You can enjoy fresh Pyramid Audaciousness right now.

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Unknown said...

Just give one to Dre. He will drink it.