Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?

Time flies when you're getting drunk. I really feel like it was only yesterday that I wrote about Stone's Old Guardian Barleywine release. But no, yesterday I was turning away a promising career so I wouldn't lose my spot on the couch, where the 79 cent frozen burritos are close and the remote control even closer. Today gives me a new chance to screw up, and also gives us the 2011 Stone Old Guardian. This year's recipe is basically the same as last year's (yesterday's), though last year's was dry-hopped with East Kent Goldings hops that gave it more of an English Barleywine twist. There are plenty of high alpha acid Warrior and Columbus hops in this to play off the Maris Otter, English, and American Pale malts. The final result is a 12% ABV, 85 IBU beer that retails for $6.49 per 22 oz. bottle. Stone is also releasing a version of this beer made with a Belgian yeast, so look for that one soon as well. I have only seen the regular version at the Whole Foods on Academy and Wyoming, but it may be at other stores; Whole Foods was the only place I could hitch a ride to. Seems nobody wants to give a ride to a bum and his couch these days.

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SamVJr said...

I picked up the Old Guardian “Belgo" as it's labeled on the bottle, from the Kelly’s on Wyoming. Although it's a barley wine you can definitely taste the Belgian yeast that was used. I wasn’t a fan of the regular Old Guardian but figured I'd try the Belgo one to see what its like. I can say that this one in my opinion doesn’t taste anything like a barley wine but I definitely love it but that’s probably my love for Belgian Quads, which this one definitely reminds me of.