Saturday, March 19, 2011

Welcome Back, Neighbor!

What has it been, eight months or so since Il Vicino had to shut down brewing operations after losing their lease? They thought it would just be a few months before they would be up and brewing again in the new location, but with contractors, city inspectors, mafia kickbacks, etc., things took a little longer. I'm happy to report that Wet Mountain IPA is pouring once again at the restaurant locations! The brewery's on-site pub won't be open for another month or so, but you can still go get a growler at the Juan Tabo or Alameda location. If you go to the Nob Hill location, you have to drink the beer there, surrounded by people who just came from watching a pretentious movie at the Guild theater next door. If someone is going to title a movie "The Bicycle Thief", I expect it to have lots of chase scenes and shootouts and Cru Jones from "Rad" saving the day, but Guild goers seem to be happy with a slow pace and subtitles. I chose the growler route, which costs $17 with their new style growlers. Refills are $10. Bentornato, Il Vicino!


HopHed said...

Love the Rad reference.

Unknown said...

Good post Patrick...very cool!