Thursday, March 3, 2011

Newcomers. Please Make Them Feel Welcome.

Couple of new beers in the area...first off is Koko Brown, the latest from Hawaii's Kona Brewery. I keep wanting to call the beer Koko Loco for some reason. Then I start thinking of Four Loko and the people who drink it, and I realize that it is a sad and stupid world we live in. Hawaii is known for Japanese tourists, Spam-loving residents, and coconut shell bikinis, so it should come as no surprise that Koko Brown has toasted coconut added into the brew. I got more of a pronounced vanilla flavor than coconut, but since I've never been to Hawaii, I obviously have no right to judge. For $7.99, way cheaper than the price of a plane ticket, you can be the judge and get a taste of Hawaii. Visit your local poi retailer and pair some with this 5.5% ABV Brown Ale for a real treat.

Looky what we have here: Highway 78, the new collaboration from the brewers at Stone, Pizza Port, and Green Flash. Ooooh, three breweries who specialize in hoppy offerings. I can't wait to try thisss...oh. Look dear, a Scotch Ale. How quaint. I have nothing against Scotch Ales; I was just expecting something totally different. The collaborators probably knew this and were out to get me, but that could just be my meds talking again. Highway 78 is a strong version, at 8.8% ABV. It is only sold in individual 12 oz. bottles at $2.99 apiece. Not bad, but that is still an $18 six-pack. Jubilation has these right now. I imagine the dude I see waking around Albuquerque in a kilt will be happy about this one. And that is the last time I will imagine anything about the guy in the kilt again.

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