Friday, May 20, 2011

Summer Beer With a Twist

A twist of lime, that is.

Well, of course this one is destined to be a failure when it comes to summer beers. After all, what do our friends in Canada even know about summer? To them, swimming means playing hockey on a frozen pool. Oh. Wait. I just checked the temperature in St. John, New Brunswick, where the Moosehead brewery is located. Temperature there is 64 degrees- one degree higher than in Albuquerque right now. There goes another story angle. Anyway, I don't think this will be my beer of choice this summer. Lime is not meant for beer. Lime is meant for Bud Light.

Maybe this one instead? Ska has brought back its Mexican Logger in canned form, perfect for all the things I always say I am going to do but never get around to it: hiking, camping, boating, fishing, etc. At 4.2%, Mexican Logger is tame enough that you can imbibe freely without worrying about falling out of the boat or off the cliff. Mexican Logger carries a premium price of $9.99 a six-pack, but if you're camping then you're already saving on the cost of a hotel room and valet parking. Plus you're making your own S'mores rather than ordering them from room service.

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