Thursday, October 6, 2011

Pick Up a Peck of Peppered Porter

Volume 3 of Left Hand's Fade to Black series is now available in Albuquerque. As with the first two in the series, the beer is black in color. Go figure. Volume 1 was a Foreign Extra Stout (won a gold medal in that category at GABF last year; Volume 2 was a Smoked BalticPorter, and Volume 3 is a Peppered Porter with chile peppers added. The addition of the peppers has it registering on the Scoville heat scale, at 1,984 units- about the same as a Poblano pepper. Fade to Black is 7.2% and about $8.99 at local liquor stores.

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Deckstar said...

O'Niell's Nob Hill & Juan Tabo will be featuring it on draft. The kegs should arrive next week.