Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Sale to Drool Over

Doesn't seem like there's a whole lotta love for Brown Ales in this town. Neither Marble nor La Cumbre, two of Albuquerque's most popular breweries, carry a Brown in their regular offerings. But there have to be a few Brown Ale fans reading, and this is for you:
Head over to Kelly Liquors on Wyoming, where you can get a whole case of Big Sky's biggest seller, Moose Drool Brown Ale for only $9.99! A $2.50 six-pack probably isn't sounding too bad right now, even for those of you who don't like the style, huh? Of course, the beer is selling so low because it is past its freshness date, but these are canned beers, meaning the beer doesn't deal with lightstruck issues that will affect bottled beers...talking about you, Newcastle Brown Ale.


Anonymous said...

This is the Il Vicino brew crew letting everyone know that we always carry our Slow Down Brown, an exceptional example of the American Brown Style. So come on down and try it! Cheers!

ABQbeergeek said...

True, I neglected to mention that you guys offer Slow Down and also that Chama has Rio Lodo Brown. We aren't totally without good Brown Ales!

Nathan and Stephany said...

I gotta say, I think Slow Down Brown is a really fantastic brown ale. Il Vicino has done that beer right!