Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Having a Cow Over Milk Stouts

This town loves Milk Stouts. You only need to go to any of the fests where Left Hand is represented and watch people go gaga over their Milk Stout. I don't get it either, but I do like to sit and imagine the scene just so I can get mad. Since we are in the Imperial Age when it comes to beer styles, it is fitting that we now have Imperial Milk Stouts. Cigar City out of Tampa, FL is the first brewery that I can remember doing one, but since we can't get theirs here, how about a nice glass of Lugene? That's not my phone's auto correct messing up again
(like it does when I type "can" and get "Congee", whatever the fuck that is). No, Lugene is Odell Brewing's take on the Imperial Milk Stout style, and Lugene is also the name of the man who for years would haul away Odell's spent grains to feed to his cows (who have probably been fed to you...and the cycle continues...). Lugene could very well be considered a dessert beer, as there is strong chocolate flavor and a sweetness that isn't cloying but could be if it came in a 40 oz. bottle. Luckily, the beer is packaged in 4-packs of drinkable 12 oz. bottles and sells for $9.99 at Jubilation. Maybe you can rave over this 8.5% ABV beer at the next fest.

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