Thursday, March 28, 2013

Bedazzled by Belgiums

It's all New Belgium all day today. I can't help that they're hogging all the blog space- what else can you write about when a brewery releases four beers in one day?
First up is an old favorite, La Folie. Blended from beers aging in French oak barrels up to three years, this one has some sour going on. We also usually see it on tap at O'Niell's, so keep an eye out for it. Price has gone up a little this year, $14.99 for a 22 oz. bottle.
New from New Begium is Transatlantique Kriek. Why did they have to come up with a name that takes me forever to type? Because portions of this beer actually did make the transatlantic (spelled the right way. The American Way.) trek to be blended into the beer. The Kriek portion was brewed and barrel-aged at Boon's in Belgium, then sent here and blended with a lager to create a slightly sweet, slightly sour 8% ABV beer. This one is selling for $8.99.
Another collaboration beer, this one with Dieu De Ciel! out of Quebec. Heavenly Feijoa is the name of the beer. I also think that's the name of a linebacker at Notre Dame. The beer sounds interesting: a Tripel with hibiscus, pineapple guava, black malt, and Nelson Sauvin hops. Also $8.99.
Finally, another Belgian-inspired beer: Cascara Quad. They can't just make plain old Quads at New Belgium, it seems. This one has cascara, the dried berries of the coffee plant. Cherry-like in flavor, the cascara adds exactly that flavor to the beer. Hersbrucker hops add further to the mish-mash. Another $8.99 beer. All of these were spotted at Kelly's on Wyoming, and all of them sound intriguing. Which one are you bring to Easter dinner?

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