Monday, March 11, 2013

Bet on a Good Goose Island Brewery Dinner

You may have noticed Goose Island six-packs of Honkers, 312, and Summertime in stores as of last week. That's never a bad thing, especially if the powers that be in Chicago decide we are worthy of Bourbon County Stout bottles again someday. for now, I'm enjoying the Summertime, a Kolsch-style ale. Is that the only bottled American Kolsch out there right now? I know Shiner did one but don't know if there's any out there now. In any case, it's a nice lighter option.
An option for you beer-and-food-together fans is the Goose Island Brewery Dinner at Sandia Casino. The Council Room Restaurant and Bar at the casino, described as "delicious, affordable dining", will be holding the event. Delicious and affordable, huh? The only affordable food I have found at a casino is at that crappy little snack bar at Isleta/Hard Rock that serves up the 7-11 style nachos. Affordable for sure, but delicious they're not. The Council Room pairing sounds good for $42, getting you 312, IPA, Sofie, and "Pepero Nero", which must be a typo. Pepe Nero is what they meant to say, and I'm glad I could help with the proofreading there. I should get paid for that stuff. I can't do a good job at anything myself, but I can damn sure tell you when someone else is doing it wrong. The dinner happens this Thursday the 14th at 7 pm, so hurry and call 798-3700 for reservations.

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