Sunday, September 29, 2013

And I Would Bike 1400 Miles...

And I would walk 500 more. For one, to get away from wherever that song was coming from, and two, for such a great cause as the 1400 Miles event being held Monday, Sept. 30th at Marble Brewery. The event, which takes place from 5-9 pm, helps raise money for Pints for Prostates, a cause that raises prostate cancer awareness. The 1400 Miles group is raising awareness in a unique (and healthy) way: crazy lycra-clad cyclists started on a ride that began in Austin, TX with an average of 100 miles ridden per day. By the final day, the riders will end up in Denver at the Great American Beer Festival. At six of the stops on the ride, events have been organized at a local brewery, with specialty foods served up from the legendary Beerliner- it looks like a tour bus the Allman Brothers may once have used, but has been remodeled on the inside (and hopefully know what happens on rock star buses) to become a giant food truck. That truck will be on hand right here in Albuquerque, at Marble Brewery, along with chefs from Zinc, Seasons, and Savoy who will be serving up dishes they prepared in the Beerliner for around $10 a plate. Also, local breweries have provided special kegs which will be tapped for the event. All proceeds from the sale of food and these beers goes to Pints for Prostates. Come out and meet the riders who donated their time and legs to support the cause, and be a part of the support yourself. Way too many of us have or have had a loved one affected by cancer...please come out for this event, hungry and thirsty!

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