Friday, October 4, 2013

New Beer Friday

Our search for the elusive Triple IPA takes us to New Zealand, where the Green Bullet and Pacific Gem hops grow like USA's America's Cup victories over New Zealand. Nah, I didn't really keep up with that event either, but damn does it look cool on a big TV when you're half-drunk. And the Green Flash release Green Bullet will get you more than halfway with its 10.1% ABV. I'm not really sure where the "Triple IPA" comes into play here. Green Bullet is not as in your face aggressive hop-wise as, say, Avery's Maharaja, and though Maharaja is higher in alcohol, it is still considered a Double IPA. But hey, whatever sells the beer. It's a worthy beer for you hopheads to try out, even without the addition of New Zealand's best hop, Nelson Sauvin. I think I paid $9.10 after tax for a 22 oz. bottle at Jubilation.

I haven't been blown away by all of the Stone collaborations lately, but you have to hand it to the brewing giant for throwing a bone to some smaller breweries in the form of these collaborations. When was the last time you had a beer from 10 Barrel? Have you even heard of them? How about Tonya Cornett? Formerly of Bend Brewing Company? One of the female head brewers before being a female head brewer was cool, now the big boss of 10 Barrel? Or Bluejacket, the other lucky collaborator for Suede, the Imperial Porter that small brewers' dreams are made of. Bluejacket is a Washington, DC brewery that only opened this year, yet has somehow managed to secure a spot to the side of Greg Koch's throne, for this bottle release at least. Suede Imperial Porter is the result of the three breweries coming together, though as with all new Stone releases, it seems, there is a gimmick: in this case, the addition of avocado honey, jasmine, and calendula flowers. You know that I love nothing more than a beer with flowers in it, so I rushed out to Jubilation to get a bottle of this 9.6% ABV beer. Retails for $8.99.

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