Thursday, October 31, 2013

Santa Fe Brewing Hosts a Fancy Food Truck

What gives? First, you write about a cider. Then you write about food in Santa Fe. I thought this was supposed to be about the "Albuquerque Beer Scene", not Apple Juice Weekly. And I don't want to read about uppity foodies, I want to read about uppity beer geeks.
Yeah, well, it's been slow on the beer release front. And a dry-hopped cider is...kinda cool, maybe?
Well why not write about Hopfest? How come I didn't even see you there?
I admit, I missed NM's biggest beer fest this year- I was sick. And as much as I enjoy Hopfest, I'm not standing in line while delirious with fever just to get a sample of Abita Amber. Not happening.
I'm also not driving up to Santa Fe to taste food made in the Four Seasons Taste Truck, but I know some of you out there might be interested in this: Yes, the Four Seasons hotel chain that few of us can afford has gotten in on the food truck craze. Foie gras from a food truck? From anywhere? No thanks. But you foodies out there can get a sample of what four star dining is like while still wearing your skinny jeans. The main reason I'm writing about this food truck is that its arrival coincides with the release of Santa Fe Brewing's winter seasonal, the Black IPA. On Saturday, November 9 from 2-6, the brewery will be hosting a party to celebrate the release, complete with music, games, fire eaters, unicyclists, biker gangs, linen napkins, and the guy with Mickey Mouse ears who sits out in front of Anodyne. The Four Seasons Taste Truck will be there, making Santa Fe the last stop on its 8 city tour. Come out and turn your nose up at that Motel 6 food truck you used to go to. The Four Seasons Taste Truck: No bedbugs!

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