Friday, October 25, 2013

New Beer Friday

One of New Belgium's finest creations, Le Terroir, has been re-released in area stores. With mishmash styles like black Saisons and White IPAs being the norm these days, you probably won't bat an eye at the fact that Le Terroir is a dry-hopped Sour. But when this beer first came out, it was a revelation, thanks to the use of Amarillo hops. The Amarillo hops somehow turn out to create a perfect fruity balance to the sour side of the beer. Glad to see New Belgium chose to bring back one of their successful recipes rather than making a new beer with a fruit only seen before in dried versions at Trader Joe's. Expect to pay $14-15 for a 22 oz. bottle.

It's the time of the year that beer geeks have been saving up their pennies for: to buy a bottle of Odell Woodcut. One of the priciest annual releases at around $20 for a 750 ML bottle, Woodcut is now on its 7th version- and probably the one I'm most excited to try: a Russian Imperial Stout. As with all Woodcut releases, the beer is aged in new oak barrels. Expect to get notes of vanilla, toffee, maple, and chocolate out of this one. Also expect to catch a healthy buzz, as Woodcut #7 is 12.5% ABV, and, according to an Odell brewer, "Our biggest beer yet." Pick this one up at Jubilation and other fine stores. You might want to save this one until after the weekend, as you have to be in shape for Hopfest tomorrow.

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