Friday, October 18, 2013

New "Beer" Friday

Scoff if you must...and I wouldn't blame you, but there are beer-loving people out there who just can't imbibe anymore due to a gluten intolerance, and I feel it necessary to inform them of a "beer-like" option that may give them a taste of the good old days. Yeah, it's a cider. I'm not ashamed to write about it. A little uncomfortable, maybe, but look- this cider is different: It's dry-hopped, just like your favorite IPAs, and not with Fuggles or Styrian or East Kent Golding. It uses the tried and true American Cascade variety. In fact, rumor has it that this Woodchuck Dry Hop Cider has IBUs that rival Elevated IPA. Now, that's just a rumor, that I started, but feel free to pass it along to your Celiac challenged friends. The Woodchuck Dry Hop is part of their Cellar Series, with future releases including a Maple Bacon Cider and a cider blended with Mott's apple juice. "Finally, a Cider With Apples!" is the tagline for that version. Rumor has it. $5.99 for a 22 oz. bottle.

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