Monday, November 4, 2013

Lobo Fans, Get Ready to Hurl?

Who isn't ready for some Lobo basketball??? I'll admit that at one time I got mad because the radio broadcast of the Lobo game superseded my usual nighttime AM show,Coast to Coast with George Noory. I had to rely on my friend Andreas to tell me of the daily UFO sightings. Funny how a lot of those happen around places with airports. And now that Coast to Coast is no longer here, I welcome the Lobo basketball broadcasts. Will I welcome the new Lobo beer? Come out to Kelly's Brewery for the coaches show to find out. Or keep reading:
I don't know, as I didn't buy any. Don't hold it against my school spirit, but I just had a feeling that the Lobo (5% ABV)and Lobo Lito (4% ABV), both products of the Pedernales Brewing Company out of Fredericksburg, TX, might not be what people were looking to read about on a "craft beer" page. But you thought it was just fine to write about a hoppy cider on this "craft beer" page, didn't you?? I did, evil Siri. And though I didn't try Lobo beer, I thought it might appeal to the college crowd reading this site. Instead of drinking the Lobo beers, I instead tried to gain my way into a party at Lobo Village armed with a six-pack of Lobo and Lobo Lito but was denied. Lobo beer may serve well to those who want to do a little pregame imbibing (without getting that DIPA coma by halftime feeling) before heading to the Pit to watch the Lobos defeat another opponent. Available at finer stores. Used Lobo 15 times in that post. I should get some free tickets.

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