Friday, November 8, 2013

New Beer Friday

Finally, a beer gets released at the time when people might actually want to drink it. November marks the month that Alaskan Brewing releases its classic Smoked Porter, and Albuquerque residents can finally buy it without leaving the state. Is it any good? The 6.5% ABV Smoked Porter has won medals at the Great American Beer Festival some 20 times, if that tells you anything. Olde English 800 has also won medals at the festival. You can find this legendary Porter at Jubilation and other well-stocked craft outlets.

And keeping with the mindset that an IPA will sell at any time of year, New Belgium has ditched its Snow Day winter seasonal in favor of Accumulation, a White IPA. I'm not the biggest fan of Winter Warmer styles like Jubelale or Isolation, as they always seem like Brown Ales with extra brown in them. However, those feel more in line for winter drinking than a White IPA, but what sells, sells. And New Belgium sells. And Mosaic and Amarillo hops together sound enticing. $7.99 a six-pack also sounds pretty good. White IPA might not be the first beer you think of reaching for when sitting in front of the fireplace, but at least you have the choice. Enjoy your weekend drinking!

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Anonymous said...

Had my first "smoked" from a homebrewer and it was fantastic. I'm in ABQ for the weekend, I think I'll find me some of that Alaskan Smoked Porter! Mmm.