Thursday, November 7, 2013

With Santa Fe Rents Soren, Marble's Tap Room Peters Out

Santa Fe is poised to lose one of the few reasons to visit there, as reported in the Santa Fe New Mexican:
The article pretty much sums it up, so I won't bother with a follow-up sum-up. I did talk to Marble's Ted Rice (name spelled correctly in the article, unlike Marble President Jeff Jinnett's) and he seemed positive about the whole situation. Could Marble have something entirely outside of a Santa Fe location in the works? Could they be planning to put another tap room somewhere in Albuquerque, maybe in the Northeast Heights? Probably not- I have to make it clear that this is only me thinking that it would be a good idea- I haven't heard one rumor that they would ever do this. But it would be nice for residents up there, and it worked for other multi-unit local businesses. O'Niell's, for one. And Farina did it, but they only had to haul flour and mozzarella up there, not a bunch of heavy kegs. In any case, it will be sad for the locals who called the Santa Fe Tap Room their home bar, but Second Street and Santa Fe Brewing are nearby options.

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Reid Rivenburgh said...

It was a great location, overlooking the plaza, and a nice place. Plus, the pizza from down the hall was awesome. Very sad.