Friday, November 15, 2013

New Bastards Friday

Tis the season for the annual release of Double Bastard from Stone Brewing Co., though this year we have three exciting variations on the regular version. There are numbers involved here, so pay attention, please: first up is Southern Charred, 2012 Double Bastard blend with 51% of the beer aged in bourbon barrels for 10 months, 41% aged in second-use bourbon barrels for 13 months (the first use was for the Suitable for Cave Aging beer, a tribute to GABF cellarmaster Danny Williams), and the final 8% aged for 10 months in charred oak barrels. Got all that? My head is throbbing like I already chugged one of these 12.6% monsters.
Next is Crime, which uses the popular once released Lukcy Basartd (blend of Arrogant Bastard, OAKED Arrogant Bastard, and Double Bastard), ages it in bourbon barrels, and adds a particularly nasty-sounding blend of peppers: red and green jalapenos, black Nagas, Carribean red hots, and Moruga scorpions and fatalis. And you seriously expect me to drink that? I wouldn't even want to try a salsa with those ingredients. Those of you less wimpish than me might be excited about this one...I'll just have a sip.
Finally, Punishment is this year's Double Bastard aged in bourbon barrels and with the same hot pepper bill as Crime. I don't know what we did to piss Greg Koch off, but he is getting back at us with these firey blends. Keep some milk nearby and give these beers a go. Jubilation has all three for sale now.

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