Tuesday, December 10, 2013

We're Hefen a Party...

...everybody's swingin'!
While I'm not sure if the release of La Cumbre's Third Anniversary beer will have people acting as if they are extras in a remake of Eyes Wide Shut, I guarantee some will be making poor parking choices in order to renew their mug club memberships while getting a bottle of the very limited Belgian-Style Quad aged on cocoa nibs. The fun is only beginning there- how about some Shitty Beer (insert joke about your least favorite brewery here)? Cumbre brewers took their Second Anniversary Wine Barrel Aged Imperial Stout and cold-steeped in $180 per pound how-in-the-world-did-anyone-think-hmmm-this-will-make-for-a-nice-cup "animal processed" coffee. That not enough for you? How's a cask of the new Project Dank dry hopped with Citra sound? Citra is one of my favorite hops, so it sounds like you might have to fight me to even get a sip. Or you would, that is, if I didn't have to work. You're lucky. Finally, El Jefe himself, La Cumbre owner Jeff Erway, will be leading a tour of the brewery at 6. Expect to get the full story on what the brewery started with compared to what they have now, and a preview of what they have planned for the future. Brewery tours- a lot like walking around the Creamland dairy factory, but with a beer instead of a Tru-Moo.
Congratulations to La Cumbre on three great years!

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