Tuesday, January 14, 2014

2014: The Year of the Perpetual Hangover?

Wow, halfway through January and just now writing the first post of the new year...not like there's nothing going on. Plenty of brewery happenings to get you excited, but the proof is in the beer. In Nob Hill, or Pub Hill, as it's becoming, we will welcome stalwarts Bosque Brewing and an offshoot of the ABQ Brew Pub concept under the Alien name (yes, Rio Grande and Sierra Blanca beers). New to the scene will be the Hops Brewery. Not to be confused with thirty or so other beer places with the same name, this one is a creation of the former owner of Hello Deli. Hello, Hops Brewery. Make my brains scrambled, please. Stumbling Steer on the west side of town isn't a chain, so I'm not sure what it's doing in the big box area by Cottonwood Mall, but the space looks promising. Downtown may still be crying for a new grocery store, but residents can cry those tears into a glass at Tractor's upcoming industrial area location or Chama River's new taproom, in the part of Central that Aveda and Vinaigrette have made all fancy. Looking forward to trying outgoing Chama River head brewer Justin Hamilton's new brewery when he gets up and running...even looking forward to the reincarnation of Bad Ass Brewery, under a different name, ownership, and, most importantly, new recipes.
Lots of beer to try this year. Please do your part- I can't drink it all myself.

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