Friday, July 25, 2014

Pajarito Hosts ANOTHER Fest

For a little place that I've never been, Pajarito Mtn. sure does host a lot of beer events. And people keep showing up and loving them, thanks to the hard work that people like Thad Hahn and friends put into them. Must be that Los Alamos water. Tomorrow will be another such event, the 2nd annual Beer Fiesta, brought to you by the soon-to-exist Los Alamos Beer Coop. Santa Fe, La Cumbre, Marble, Taos Mesa, and Bosque will be pouring brews while you listen to the musical stylings of Felix e Los Gatos. The event only costs $10 to get in and that includes your first pint. It runs from 12-6, though the ski lift will be running from 9-3 for those of you who want to mix beer and mountain biking down steep hills. That should make for a bedridden Sunday.

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