Friday, July 25, 2014

The Coachella of 12-Packs...on Tap!

I was going to title this piece as "the Lollapalooza of 12-packs on tap" but that would have been dating myself. Seems there are festivals that have bigger draws than Lollapalooza these days. Maybe even bigger than Edgefest. And you don't have to bake in the sun or slop around like a pig in mud (or try to hook up with a girl at Lilith me guys, the girls there are not interested in you) to drink the Beer Camp mixed 12-pack that sees Sierra Nevada collaborate with the most sought after breweries to create some delicious beers. 12-packs hit Albuquerque earlier than many areas and are still available in stores, with the 12-pack retailing at around $25. And you can try all of these beers ON TAP at O'Niell's Nob Hill location today. And what a wide variety of styles of beers they are: Russian River (heard of 'em? Me neither) contributes Ivan the Great, a Belgian style Blonde reminiscent of their popular Damnation. Cigar City is in with Tropical Maibock, mixing the German style with mango and guava whatever else grows down in Florida (minus the white trash flavor). Ballast Point brings an IPL (India Pale Lager), of course contributing some San Diego hoppiness. You trade and travel-challenged folk will be happy to sample Chico King, getting to try a Three Floyds Pale Ale that tastes like what you'd expect when Three Floyds and Sierra come together to make a beer in that style. If you're looking for a less traditional beer, try the Asheville Brewers Collaborative Scottish Sweet Potato Ale. For some reason, people go nuts for Ninkasi beers, and you Ninkasi groupies will probably go cuckoo for the Double Latte coffee Milk Stout. Victory Brewing stays true to their German roots (via Pennsylvania) with an Altbier style ale. And Allagash doesn't even leave the house by producing a Belgian style Pale Ale. Oskar Blues brings a can, naturally, of Rye Bock. Wisconsin reps with New Glarus taking on something a bit out of the ordinary for them with an ESB. Bell's is in with what they call an Imperial Dark Ale. Is it a Porter? A Stout? Who cares; It's Bell's, we don't get their beers here, therefore they must be good. Finally, Firestone Walker, the darling of the craft beer world, gives us a hoppy Pilsner. Firestone Walker had plans to enter the Albuquerque market but is pushing that back. Maybe we have to buy up all the out of date Green Flash on the shelves first to prove we are worthy of them.

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