Friday, June 1, 2018

ABQ Beer Week Friday, June 1

Feeling sour this Friday? You should feel sour if you went to the Battle Of the Beer Geeks at Tractor. No carbonation in any of the beers and they still charged the full $10? It was a rip-off to us as customers and a disservice to the people who entered the competition. I voted for 5, though number 1 won it. I could see either winning. But where was I? Oh yes, feeling sour? Jubilation ups the acid indigestion with a full panel of sour beers from Rowley, Steel Bender, Cascade, and others. It's free!

Firestone Walker has a whole fancy line of beers in their Barrelworks program. Prepare to be wowed by a tap takeover featuring some of these beers at Nob Hill Bar and Grill. Krieky Bones, Agrestic, Bretta Weisse and more. Dance party follows soon after.

A special "beer edition" of the First Fridays Comedy Contest at Tractor Wells Park happens tonight. What does that mean? Craft beer jokes? I tried to tell a joke at Battle of the Beer Geeks but it fell flat.

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