Monday, June 18, 2018

Founders Double Trouble

I remember going into Local Option bar in Chicago in, oh 2012 or 2013 and seeing Bell's Hopslam, Three Floyds Dreadnaught, and Founders Double Trouble on tap. At the time, it couldn't get any better than that as far as DIPAs for me. And Double Trouble surprisingly tasted the best out of the three. So when Founders decided to take Double Trouble out of their release schedule, I was bugged. Up until recently, double trouble for Founders was the amount of CBS (who else stocked up on that "whale"?) and KBS sitting on the shelves and floors of liquor stores. Other Half has a beer called Stacks on Stacks; that name goes for KBS four-packs as well.

Founders seems to have come to their senses, as far as Double Trouble DIPA goes. While they are making a push with All Day IPA and Solid Gold Lager, Double Trouble is back for a short time. The $11.99 are priced within reason for this 9.4% ABV beer. Though bottles just arrived this past week, they were bottled on 5/17. It's a tough game to play when local breweries are offering fresh DIPAs daily...or are they? Who has a DIPA on tap right now? Not Bosque. Not La Cumbre. Not Marble (downtown, at least). So maybe Double Trouble is worth your time. Single bottles are available at Jubilation right now.

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