Thursday, May 28, 2020

Stay and Drink at Home Extended

Want a stranger rubbing you down for an hour? Come to a New Mexico massage parlor. Want to breathe heavy around other people breathing heavy in a closed environment? Come work out in New Mexico. Want to drink at a brewery in New Mexico? Whoa, you have a fricking death wish or something??? This is not an opinion piece, but like our governor, I try to use science as a guide. Can you explain to me how either of the two scenarios I listed are safer than drinking a beer at a brewery (besides the alcohol not being great for you part, lets not think about that ever)? Doesn't the gov know we have a Beer Week going on right now?

Luckily, there are things planned to get us through even if we have to do it at home. And now you can get your beer delivered curbside, nearly a month after peak infection numbers in the state. Hey, sometimes it takes a few days to read everything in the capitol suggestion box. And if you really want to see other people drinking around you and talk about beer, take part in the NM Brewers Guild NET SESH FEST II on Friday, May 29th from 5-7ish. Don't know why they have to yell the title at us. The fest hosts a number of local brewery people who will cover a variety of subjects, give presentations, tours, give some dirt on the breweries they don't like* (*they won't). It all happens from the comfort in front of your computer screen. The Guild asks that you show up with beer that is from a NM craft brewery if you're going to be drinking. Durango beer doesn't count. Show up with something from Utah and your info is sold on the dark web. Presenters are as follows:
Nate Jackson (Marble Brewery)
Bert Boyce (Santa Fe Brewing)
Zach Guilmette (Canteen Brewhouse)
Dana Serio (Red Door Brewing)
Ted O' Hanlon (Bow and Arrow Brewing)
Bill Arnold (575 Brewing)
Rob Palmer (Palmer Brewery)
John Rowley (Rowley Farmhouse Ales)
Tickets are available here

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