Thursday, August 3, 2023

National IPA Day, Today and Back in the Day

Couldn't let the day go by without posting something about National IPA Day. Held the first Thursday in August, this holiday is one I can firmly get behind. I've benn writing about it since 2012- somehow, I missed it in 2011, the first year of celebration. I took a look back at the post from 2012, and it was funny to see some of the suggestions I threw out there for people to drink on IPA Day back then: locals like Canteen Exodus (Il Vicino Exodus back then!) Marble IPA, La Cumbre Elevated, Santa Fe Happy Camper. All still going strong, though 7K has blown out Happy Camper in popularity. Also got one of my worst hangovers after a night of Happy Camper at a concert in Santa Fe in 2011, so won't be revisiting that one even after all these years. I also threw in the suggestion of a growler of Chama River's The Big Lebrewski. Who made that one? That must have been a Justin Hamilton beer considering the year, right?? R.I.P. Chama River! For national brands, I suggested Odell Myrcenary and Sierra Nevada Hoptimum. Surprised these two high-alcohol beers haven't joined 90 Minute and Voodoo Ranger in those big cans with the alcohol prominently featured. The 40s of the 2020s. But those two are now classics that have stuck around even with the hazies coming on strong from about 2016/17 on through today. Who would have thought of such a style being so popular way back in 2012? Wish I had. Look at all those beautiful Monkish beers (pictured). I'd be riding around on yachts with Machine Gun Kelly and Post Malone. Who would have thought back in 2012 that I'd still be driving that 2008 Volvo in 2023? Wish I wasn't.

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