Friday, June 27, 2008

New Beers

I stopped in Kelly's today and noticed that there are some new beers in town.

Abita Brewing, out of Abita Springs, LA (that's Louisiana) brings us Abita Amber, Turbodog, and Purple Haze.

The Abita Amber is an amber lager, as opposed to the usual amber ale. I haven't had this in a few years but I remember it to be a basic amber, probably good for this time of year.

Turbodog is a brown ale that is a little over 6%, and is a pretty decent beer. I remember drinking this on Christmas day in Lafayette, LA after I broke a tooth a few years ago.I would buy this more often than the amber if they were the only two choices.

Purple Haze is a raspberry wheat beer. I can't recommend this beer one way or the other because I don't really go for that style of beer. It will probably go over well with people who are into fruiter beers.

Abita recently introduced an IPA into their lineup, the 6.5% Jockamo. I have a bottle but haven't tried it yet. I guess we are only getting the biggest sellers from Abita, but maybe we will se it here in the future.

Abita has a beer that I have only seen on tap, Andygator barleywine. I drank this a a starter beer one night in Louisiana. I asked for something local and they had this, so I went with it. I didn't know when I ordered it that it was a high alcohol beer (8%), but I sure did enjoy it. I enjoyed the many Hurricane drinks that followed too. Damn, I want to go back to New Orleans.

Santa Fe Brewing has released the second in their line of beers celebrating their 20th anniversary, "Sangre de Frambuesa". My Spanish isn't so good, but I think it translates into "Framboise". My French isn't so good either, but I think that translates into "raspberry".

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Unknown said...

This is awesome!! Now I do not have to bring this shit back with me when I go to Arkansas.