Sunday, June 8, 2008

Throw Another Harvest Ale on the Barbie

Following the success of their Harvest Ale last fall, Sierra Nevada introduces Southern Hemisphere Harvest ale to Albuquerque. The idea behind these "harvest" beers is to use the fresh whole hops during harvesting season rather than concentrated hop pellets.

These particular hops were harvested during the fall season (our spring) in New Zealand. Why New Zealand? I guess somebody at Sierra must have been pretty impressed with Steinlager. Fresh hops or otherwise, I have always found Sierra Nevada beers to be cut from the same cloth- Cascade hop overload. Internet beer forums are full of people fawning over everything Sierra makes, but I can't find it in my tastebuds to join in on the lovefest. I will bow my head and admit that if so many people love it, my opinion should not be taken as a guide to life. Especially by me. Hell, I still buy all their new releases so what does that tell you?
So my intent was to give a review of the beer. I was at Kelly Liquors on Juan Tabo and Eubank when I spotted the beer. I brought the beer, tagged at $2.99, up to the register. The kindly owner rang me up and said, "$4.26, please."

I showed her the price tag but she just shrugged. I asked if she wasnt going to honor that price and she just shrugged. I just shrugged and left the store without the beer.

Right- I still haven't tasted it. I could write a review here, but you may be better off reading other sites for reviews of the beer. Just a hunch.


Unknown said...

What dude, you didn't pay the extra 2 bucks to take it home and taste?!?! Alright Dre.


10,000 ale lover

Unknown said...

Okay, SO I am drinking this Hop Harvest, and here''s what I say. I like it, it is nothing spectacular though. Lets just say I will not get excited next time I am in the beer isle or store and smile as I take it to the Korean at the counter. It is well balanced and the hops they used give the beer a good bitter. So for now I am going to finish this beer and then move on.